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Bring DZ Arizona back!
Many of the pro league players and AM league players grew up in DZ Arizona. I have read many of them express their wish of having DZ Arizona back.


In my opinion, DZ made a player a better player. There were no specials so you had to learn to aim and use power management.


When DZ was brought back for that week a few months ago it was nicely populated and the players seemed to be happy having it back. I know some Chaos players complained but, in my opinion, they complain because they are not willing to learn a different skill set. They need the specials in order to help them kill. DZ players never did need them.


I am sorry to bring up specific players but I won't play in Chaos because of players like Axe Demento. He non stop talks crap to people but he will never fight you. He does nothing but run and mine. Most of the league players will not play in Pub because of Axe, they all have commented on how very strange he is.


Chaos was always a zone even when DZ Arizona was a zone so why can't we bring DZ Arizona back and let the league players have a place to practice in a public setting and also a place to just have fun.

It never was gone.  ?go dza


Also, you are free to ?ignore Axe Demento


Sounds like some people don't know how to learn to use the basic functions of the game Smile


Learn the game.  Learn to chase and learn to dodge.


and tell your friends dza settings are simpler for me to kill you with


Can you also check what zone this is ?zone


I think you will it says chaos


now chaos west with 0 bounty start is much better. Learn to Green Chump.


In an unrelated matter I will be gone for summer so if you want to show how much you love chaos without Axe. Play it. Build the population impress me while I'm gone I'll be tilling the fields son Smile





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