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When is this active?
My name is Ron, I was Soul Preacher for about 10 years playing Choas, Premier League, Powerball, Hockey, and A Small Warzone.   I played on Prestige and won acouple titles back in the day with my good friend Dantos.   


I was wondering when you guys play this? I would love to join you.   I miss Subspace alot, if it was active I would quit every other game and just play it like I used.   


Let me know.

Hi SP wb - we had 120+ pilots in the zone every Sunday during league matches the past weeks.  We've been hitting 20+ pilots in Chaos in the evenings, which is still pretty darn chaotic at times.  JP/WZ etc is played after league matches on Sunday - around 5pm ET.  ASWZ happens sometimes at 8pm ET Sunday nights.  Come on by.


4v4 is almost always on.. just enter the zone and hit ESC+A and join in

Hell yea.

Come back to Hockey Zone! It is about to start its 20th season! League news and info @


Sign up for a team and play with a professional roster. There are currently 11 teams.

ASWZ is as dead as it can be.  The few ASWZ'ers around can't find the time to make it once a week for an hour.  

hey man.. i used to play this game when i was younger, and now i was thinking of playing again. I used to be called i think... badkillerx or something like that. well anywho,,if you guys still play this game,,ill re download it, cus indeed it was alot of fun lol.  if you guys play on ps3 nhl 13, add me wildpeoplekiller .  have a good day ,


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