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S33 R7 Schedule, R6 Recap
Standings after Round 6:

1    FTNguyen    6-0    63    0.403

2    Requiem    5-1    42    0.525

3    Assassins    4-2    33    0.427

4    Nuke    4-2    28    0.512

5    Rebels    4-2    20    0.519

6    Sterling    4-0    6    0.606

7    Llamas    3-3    1    0.494

8    Alpha Reunion    3-3    -18    0.47

9    Gods    2-4    -15    0.5

10    StarFire Elite    1-5    -31    0.45

11    BYE Round    0-2    -24    0.446

12    Unhallowed    0-6    -38    0.629

13    Shocktech    0-6    -67    0.525

Round 6 Results:

3/17 4:07 pm    Llamas     def     Assassins    7-6    log

3/17 3:32 pm    Nuke     def     Unhallowed    12-1    log

3/17 3:26 pm    FTNguyen     def     Alpha Reunion    12-1    log

3/17 2:59 pm    Sterling     def     Requiem    5-3    log

3/17 2:45 pm    Gods     def     StarFire Elite    12-6    log

3/17 2:23 pm    Rebels     def     Shocktech    12-1    log

I'll handle the uninteresting stuff first...

Nuke vs. Unhallowed didn't take long. As I tried to explain to some people last week, Unhallowed's performance really depends a lot on who shows up and feels like playing. By 6:32, Suspension had died twice with 4 WR. That's pretty much game. Cycl0ne, who jumped ship from Llamas, managed the only kill for Unhallowed.

Alpha Reunion, like Unhallowed, didn't seem to bring their A-game. Weasal lagged out three times and was replaced by THC. DarkDenizen increased his lead over 7th in league rating by releasing a decoy in 7th's direction, making 7th think it would hit a bomb, which then killed 7th. Bad. And yes, since our schedule is kind of strange, we're trying to at least have some level of fake-fun by "competing" in ranking until our real games start. I'm bringing this up, cause some smartypants wearing people actually seem to think we're trying to use these stats for any sort of proof for anything. Lawl.

Sterling had another close one, this time with Requiem. The game was 0-1 for what seemed like a good while. Turns out it was 16:15 for 0-1 and 27:25 for 0-2 in favor of Sterling. Sika then did his best to bring requiem back, but I think three was 0/0 at this point and Sterling wouldn't give him toys. A couple of kills later at 43:58 it looks like Sterling might win this 4-2... and then this all happens:

Sika kb mAImER -- Assist by: Rage

Sika has 2 lives remaining - [43:58]

Score: 4-2 Sterling -- [4v4]

      Plarep> LOL

NOTICE: 1 minute remaining.

         7th> lol

         7th> haha

Sika changes ships.

      Plarep> sika lured

      Captor> 50 secs

 Psycho Psem> maimer all day as i said

     Seismic> .items

     develop> sika has toys

       Three> !items

          Ra> plare

         Dre> all rkts on 9v

      Plarep> ra

          Ra> what games have you been playing lately

9-Volt kb Sika -- Assist by: Ozn

9-Volt has 2 lives remaining - [44:20]

Score: 4-3 Sterling -- [4v4]

         Dre> ahhaa

 Something D> haha

      Legacy> haha

     develop> lol

 Something D> nice

         7th> haha

 Caerbannog+> 39 seconds to spare

The game went into OT, remained slow (apart from that Sika bomb->f3->bombs and bullets->closethor bit) and sika eventually exploded. The game log actually has a few lines suggesting people were watching the game and commenting on it. Strange, really.

Gods vs. SFE started out quite even. Even enough to still be 4v4 at 6-6 score by 27:34. Both teams also had two people on their last life at this point. And then SFE gets no kills. They just kind of keep doing this :/

Shocktech got a kill vs. Rebels. And it was 4v4 to make it 1-0 -> 1-1 ! I would talk about the stats if they were funny, but Savage's 4-0 with 7FR is the best here so bleh.

The most interesting game this past weekend was Llamas vs. Assassins by a mile.

Llamas eventually won the game 7-6 after 11 minutes of overtime. To add to the drama, a rogue bot auto-called the game to start in another arena. Looks like the stats are ok, though. Assassins started the game 2-0, so good so far. And then varsity goes and dies twice. I didn't see it, but rumor has it he just kind of suicided. Assassins then pressure Llamas up to 6-3, getting two of them last life. And then varsity dies for the last time. The score is still a winning one for Assassins at 6-4, but only 32:03 into the game there's plenty to go. Llamas then got ossi twice to even it out, then my good friend Jae in the overtime for the win. It was well played by Llamas, and not that well by varsity.


Schedule will appear here faster than a wild rattata in the first grassy areas once I get around to creating it. Looks like no hard game for Nguyens yet, since we'll just statpad on Assassins. Ho ho ho. Dems b fighting words (KN, Kril, fight this battle for me)

Schedule for Round 7:


Llamas vs. Unhallowed -- 112982

Nuke vs. Shocktech --112983

Alpha Reunion vs. Sterling -- 112984


Assassins vs. FTNguyen -- 112985

Rebels vs. StarFire Elite -- 112986

Gods vs. Requiem -- 112987

Schedule added, on bots for predictions etc.

I assume matches will not be played next weekend, Sunday, March 31st (Easter Sunday)?

Easter is not even on the same day/month in Europe, play on I say.

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