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Forming AML squadron: Massacre
This is a recruitment post for anyone interested to be a part of a squad for (hopefully) the next season of 4v4 league. This squad also serves as a group of players of similar skill level, so that 4v4 pracs among these players will be more balanced and fun, than say...being stomped by Pro league players.


If it all works out, another squad would be entering league next season. If not, then well, at least people can set up their own 4v4 pracs. Future goal would include the rebirth of AML as a separate league, but.....we all know that won't be happening anytime soon.  


Anyhoo, if anyone's interested, please ?message BloodyEssence

This needs one of those green pub spam messages, something like "Wanna try 4v4 but not sure you can match it with the vets? Start an internship with massacre, message BloodyEssence for more information."

One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.

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