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ASWZ sub-arena in TW?
Hey all,


Cintra and I have been talking to some of the powers that be in TW.  Seems we can probably get an aswz sub-arena in TW once we have the maps and settings.  (Just came across: [url=],[/url] might be all we need if those can be adapted for subgame.)


Some Benefits:

-TW seems to be a more active zone than Chaos

-Could probably entice players to try it out through bot announcements to pub

-Hosted games (maybe with rewards of TW's pub currency) might also entice players



Also, I've been thinking about joining staff (mod and/or bot developer) for TW.  I wouldn't mind taking a stab at rewriting the old pub bot for TW's bot core Smile.




- X-Demo

go for it


your best tip is never to ask for anyone elses opinion



fuck everyone else and do what you want to do

That'd certainly make everything a *lot* simpler =P.  The only hiccup I see is that pinkSTAR want's div's OK on this before proceeding.  But I have a map and the settings all ready now Smile.

I think it sounds like a good idea.


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