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Vorp - SS/DotA/LoL game


Similar to SS, and I haven't played DotA/LoL, but the game is supposedly similar to those too.

Some notable game mechanics/features:

- 3v3-5v5 automatchmaking system (with the option to form teams with friends, like in SC2).

- Each team has a base to defend along with AI drones and turrets.

- Variety of ships, each with very different gameplay (too much to list).

- Level up your ship each match (DotA-like?).

- Player ratings (plus many other stats).

- Costs energy to use afterburners and weapons (like SS).

- Can only use afterburners in forward direction (lots of forward pew pew).

- No dying out, the goal is simply to destroy the enemy's base.

hurry up and buy a computer and play it kdakcialkdja
The gameplay vids for this seem a bit meh!... also it's mouse aim, yikes.

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