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I would like to thank everyone for helping me have a great relaxing year of SS FUN!

I think that chaos is a great place to play!

Hallu have fun! make sure you get to enjoy yourself as well!

To all the Fun people i wish you well

...Be AXEcellent to one and nother!

I will see you in 2013!

if anyone want to give a hello! message me here! let others know the best SS sight!

Keep up the great site pollix!


Best of luck in your endeavors! Hurry Back <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
You're already missed, my friend. See you next year <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
Hello Chaos! I may have picked the wrong time to go to new jersey.

But the demento family is well <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

Lots of great people working together to try and get through a real life battle.

I saw new york before it got borken. Walked in all the spots that would be shown in the news over the next day.

I left my van in a parking lot that got hit with 8 foot waves. Alas many people were not as lucky as me.

We got on a cruise ship 150 knot winds! 970 barometric pressure and 35'+ waves.

2 Days later sweet Bermuda <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

Lots of fun lucky the boat took the storm well. I might suggest to you if you book a cruise and take a front facing room so you can have a great view of the ocean with a big old window that can be hit with giant waves its quite a good experience!

My hopes are with anyone who is rebuilding or recovering from any effects from that storm.

I hope to see you in chaos. Which i will now log into for a bit of relaxing fun.

Many of my plans are now delayed so i will get a few games in once again.

I'm glad to enjoy a bit more of 2012 in SS.

Latest Demento Update



Well summer is around us. The longest day approaches and my trip to the country is soon!


I've had plenty of fun playing with everyone.


Remember to play some ships have some fun and don't be a chump



Renegade continue to rule the zone..


I will look to check in Aug/Sept.


My last day of play for this quarter will be Friday 21st of June.



Once again remember to play a ship or park a ship.  When people see even one person around it leads to 2 and 3 and so forth Smile


The PUB (chaos) is the game.  When it does well all parts go well.


Hallu  I hope you add more stats to the stats page. including Flag Points. Biggest kills of the month. Largest ships greened etc.


Those in School great work pushing through Smile soon you will do what you want to.


Those at work.  Keep growing your monies Smile soon you will do what you want to.


Those retired. Keep having fun. Hopefully you are doing what you want to.


Those who are angry Smile harness it but enjoy yourself more.


To those who will miss Demento!  Feel free to give a post here!


To those who are glad that i am gone Smile prove it and play more SS.  After all if me being gone increases the population it is my gift to you.


If the zone population goes down! Then play like Demento and bring it back up.


and if nothing changes Smile enjoy the fact that the game goes on with or without us and that is a good game.






in the words of  Bill Ted and Axe


Be Axecellent to one another.
Enjoy your summer, but know you'll be missed. Cya in Aug/Sept Smile

later axe, come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRUSH

Heheh Crushing for alls!!


I am checking in from my underground bunker Smile with a weak wireless connection.  That on its own is grounds for crushing!


I'm not seeing a lot of forum activity lets get it moving!


Did that baseball shirt ever get produced! its logo was good.


I do have t-shirt making presses etc if you need me to print it out or make some vinyl patches!


I hope everyone had a successful summer session!


The Dementos have been having fun and traveling also construction on a kitchen remodel and a house extension have gone well for one of my country retreats!


New showers have been installed with a rainfall cascade option and a seat Wink if you want to relax while showering.  This should be enough to remove the smell of SS once again.


Look for my arrival from the north!


Be axecellent to one another!


the choas state of mine.... will once again bring the joy and pain! like sunshine and rain....


Having some fun playing the alpha settings or as i like to say.

Closer to real chaos settings then we play with.


Random Shrap much better.

lower bounty start good.

Go Lower.


Make chaos Real Smile

use the good settings.


Besides that some good times playing again. Msg me on this site if you want to help me make a CHAOS WEST.


I think we need some real diversity instead of 4v4 subzones.


Bring the POWER!

24 and 0

learn the game

love the game.

live with it 



Besides that the family is enjoying terria Smile great 2d side scrolling game. I highly recommend it.


XBOX1 untill i can play my xbox games on it.  i'm not buying it!


just bought a game boy colour for 12$ they were droppping at that price as it had no sound.

I plugged in my headset Smile heard the mario music and bought it.  The store guys looked at each other and went... We didn't think of that 


Also final note how are those ss clone/new game clients coming? msg me if you are looking for play testers.


I hope everyone has a great Halloween! and enjoys some chaos time. hoping to see that Halloween map! wheres the death cage!








You can sign up here if you want to beta test for Pheonix, not sure Richard would see your post here for months.

Thanks in AXEvance Smile


I will look into it and a great gaming week back at you.



Have a Great thanksgiving and Christmas and Hanuka and Kwanzaa  and Feastavist and any other celebration you might have.


Have lots of fun!

Be axecellent to each other Smile


time to travel again!


I leave chaos in the hands of 



the strongest ss


which is the person who has the most fun Smile


Come back soon! Happy Holidays, Axe Smile

thanks pluto! checking email via sat. Smile  the woods are snowy and bright Wink


Chopping down a christmas tree pretty soon!


Hope your thanksgiving was great!


I will toast you by campfire Smile pass on my good wishes to all you see in chaos!




Merry AXEmass! merry Christmas and happy holidays to all Smile


and to all a good fight!!



A new year of fun is upon us all!


To those with new years resolutions don't worry you can start again!


I will be off on a trip once again so no Demento in march but i should return in april or may.


I'm sure the renegades will keep chaos on its toes while i'm gone.


Remember to check your fuel! I ran out at one of my places frozen lines are not to be enjoyed!


For the last part of Feb. I will be playing in my subzone mostly when it is ready.  It should be 0 bounty start. Power flags and the chaos west map.  Also random shrap.  When its ready i'll make sure i have a ship advertising its ?go location Smile


As always have as much fun as you can and spend your time doing what you enjoy.  To do anything other then that seems silly to me.


Congrats to the renegades for SS control of Chaos!  Cail with Points, Axe with Flags and pure with Average! killing machines all!  Not to forget the rest of the crew you know who you are!!

for squad points! Squad Flags! Squad average!  only hammy and his burger crew stopped our clean sweep of Squad victories Smile  so respect to ham and his Smile


When we fine like minded fun players we enjoy adding them to our team!


I wish nothing but success in life to all that read this Smile

Do an extra 10 reps for Demento!


and may all your dreams be....

GREEN, Zielony, Groen,Gron, mau xanh la cay!,

 vihrea,graent! jeshile! hara, verde, vert,midori! lu se'

 grun, sud! azizaw! zold!  nargone! sabz!


and for our Hawaiian friends  oma oma o!



It was a good reset, Gratz to all!

April Fools day is coming! and march draws to a close.


The champ will be stopping by in chaos soon to see how things are coming along.


I'm hoping to see modified flag rules &  15minute Safezones and o so happy players.


Things are going well somewhere else Wink  


I hope this message finds you well and may all your dreams be......GREEN


Nothing has changed, except you're not there...

Just come back Axe.. take the inevitable ribbing like Man,

And use your new found prespective on running a server

to maybe temper your ego a bit... 

Or I dunno.. whatever..




Thanks for the good wishes I am stopping by chaos for fun & profit Smile


I played a bit last night and enjoyed seeing some of my squad and of course many of the players


But you know what i don't miss is the weak ss Smile  so many players are just bitter and sit in spec and complain.  I'm now after all this time playing the game going to get an ignore.txt


I don't mind discussion i don't mind disagreement but what i have no time for is soul sucking whining Sad  my days of wasting time on talking with those players is done.  


I will also be parking my ship in ?go chaos0axe  with the 0 bounty start. Always up for a game just message me.  I'll be monitoring across billers


As far as my ego goes i see exactly what needs to be done to improve things.  Now i know what tools are not being used.  The ability to make changes is so quick.  Its a press of a button and a few lines of code.  But type ?owner and you don't see Axe Demento which is fine.  I have nothing but good wishes for Passplay & Hallu and what ever other shadowy figures lurk behind the scenes.



I was in chaos before this chaos existed and i will be in chaos after it is gone. 

Just call 2011-2014 the Axe Demento Years.


This is the new age what you do with it is up to you.


As for me I'll play but I'm not defending it any longer.  If you want updates simply head on over to the other forum and I'll gladly tell you more.





Play more SS

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