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Playoffs? Playoffs?!?! S43 Rd15: Wildcard Playoff 11/18/18
In the immortal words of Jim Mora...

Right.  Playoffs begin this weekend with a one game wildcard playoff between Sterling vs Llamas for the final Pro Playoff spot.  The winner of this match will join the normal playoff brackets as the #4 seed and will play the #1 seed.  Following this weekend it is Thanksgiving in the US, so we'll have a one week break until December 2nd at which time we will resume proceedings with the full playoff schedule as per normal.

Matches scheduled for 2018-11-18

One Match Wildcard Playoff @ 3pm ET:  Sterling vs Llamas 4v4a 1329144
Symph vs SFE direct AML final?
(11-15-2018, 11:23 AM)Candyman Wrote:  Symph vs SFE direct AML final?

Yes.  The AML Final, hitherto known as The Solar Hydro Cup, will be played the same weekend(s) as the Pro Final.

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