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Question of the week #3
What was the most competitive season? Why?


Up to your interpretation. It could be AML, IML, or PRO. It could be because of the quality of the finals, or that there were 3-4 squads who legitimately could have won the title.





I don't have a clear answer in mind so I'm very interested in the responses.



This didn't take off at all.. The question is probably too hard and involved to answer. And a lot of us missed too many seasons to give a good answer.

What we need is a pro league wiki page. Todays season is a lot more competitive than the previous ones ive seen since i began playing again though. Clearly there's been an upswing in competition.

I disagree. For me, the obvious way to go is when there were 20+ squads in each of the 3 leagues, so I guess around AML seasons 6-10, which would be PRO 10-14. And IML was pretty competitive in any season.

It probably is too hard. The seasons blend together for me personally and I have trouble discerning one from the next.


My vote for least competitive would be Intrepid crushing seasons 10/11 (though a case could be made for 9-12).

The one with Greg..

One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.

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