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Council Representation for Season 36
All teams are urged to have active representation on the 4v4 Council.


If you are a new team, it is recommended you settle on a representative from your roster. This rep doesn't necessarily have to be a captain. Please favor highly active players for this role. If you want a say in league matters, don't nominate someone who is afk all season or disinterested in creating a forum account.


If you are on an existing team, it is valuable to know who your rep is. If you don't know, ask your squad captain(s). If you find that nobody knows, maybe you don't have a rep? Maybe he/she doesn't know they are the rep.


Captains, to have your nominated representative recognized (given access to Council forum, given voting rights in Council matters), please advise hallucination or myself. Note that if you don't provide a rep, you most likely will not have a say/vote on league-wide matters such as no-play weekends, play-offs format or complaint resolution.


If you have a league matter you wish resolved, your team's rep is a good place to start. They can bring issues to the attention of Council. This includes schedule format, complaints, rule breaches, and ideas to improve or otherwise add to the 4v4 experience. League grand pooh-bah Caerbannog+ is of course the go-to person for such things as application of the rules, and getting things done in-season.


New season is under construction and expected to be nigh at hand. Choose your rep and have your say.

One of the three most dangerous people in Subspace.
Nine will be Sterling's rep.

I've given word both here and in the game to several people that i'm taking over arctos role for backarrow on the council. Yet no one has given me any information in response.

darkdenizen been afk, i would like to replace him on council as outlaws rep, confirm this with Kingnewbie ,hallu.


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