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Just FYI Axey,  new nics can't get into your zone.. getting a message that they don't have enough playing time...

....and if you think Im going to use my actual SSC password in your zone, you're mad. Tongue


Heheh Depends on the zone GC6.  the 500 hours club should be the only one new players can't get into.  As far as passwords go everyone should always use a fresh password on any NEW ZONE or new game also i'm currently testing several different billers and will eventually customize one.  Also some zones you can fly with the old client i've gotten 1.34/1.34d and now 1.35   Its funny some commands of course work on some version and not on others.  So warpto actually doesn't work on some of the old clients.


My name is Demento so the madness goes without saying.   I was trying not to talk about SSDZ zones in the chaos thread but i think this is going to be something I'll just have to deal with.

As far as usage goes i'll be getting in the the .dat file soon to be able to mod usage (seconds played)  I'll take beta & SCC & SSDZ &any other zone you can show me to add them together for true SS playtime.  When i've done that i'll have 10,000hours club etc. For this reason alone having a password you don't think can be reviewed is dangerous.  I don't want to use your password on SSC as i have my own! Smile



I did just mention i was here b4 chaos and i will be here after chaos Wink   the SSC zones are down.  So if you want to fly the trench wars maps or the chaos maps i may put them up.  But the settings will be SVS SSDZ Smile


Everyone have fun I've got lots of good games planned and my AI's are gonna be sweet but that takes awhile.


So until then have fun fighting the ER bots Smile and the mindless ZOMBEES™ and of course some would say the mindless players but i didn't say it Smile 





if you try and log into SSDZ Axe Demento SVS   *and it says you don't have enough hours plz message me at the other forumn I'll start a thread.
I see the power flag is up in chaos thats good to see!

Now what about another map?


Also where is the server located these days?  seems to be jumpy compared to old chaos but it could be me.


Soon Summer will be upon us!


Enjoy your time.

Be Axecellent to one another.


Howdy all Summer is upon us again!


I wish all sspacers Smile much success in their en-devours Wink


for fun i played me some chaos again this rest to put the champs name back up top!


I will next touch base in September after this week.


If you are looking for me feel free to stop in KAOS and thanks for so many people coming and playing!


I still think that 4v4 and chaos should be separate as they are vastly different environments as one is a place for fun and relaxing and another seems to breed chumply behavior and pushes others out.


The only time i have crushed the spirits of others is when i find them looking it to do it to others.


I'm sad when people who like 4v4 and try and play that format find themselves crushed out only to quit that format of game.


Until people support each other in the enjoyment of playing they will not get more new players.


I on the other hand am finding an influx of new players and younger players getting to know the game which i'm enjoying.


So I will look to promote the classic chaos play again and of course zombie hunting Smile


Have fun in chaos all! don't forget to get some new maps!  &  I think you can see that the long safezone timers were better for people playing throughout the day.





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